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Sample Learning Modules for the Busy Small but Growing Business

Do you recognize yourself or your business in the descriptions below? Ready to get ahead of brewing issues? The following modules can be offered in a variety of formats and media, from a lunch and learn to a full-semester certificate course:

Creating clarity to achieve results: Strategic planning for small business
Clearly articulating the core purpose and principles driving your business is crucial for good performance and sustained success [..more]

The year ahead: Business plans
Whereas the strategic plan sets the long-term objectives of an organization, it is the business plan that creates the stepping stones along the path to success. [...more]

Careful what you wish for: Managing growth
Business growth is not always what itís made out to be. The statistics show that unmanaged growth is often a factor in killing a new business. [...more]

Many hands make for light work and big headaches: Operational processes
ďIím a small business; I canít afford all that Human Resources bunk.Ē Actually, if you are running a business and you have hired more than two people you canít afford NOT to have processes in place to help your team do their work. [...more]

Can it work? Looking at the feasibility of your product/service idea
You probably have a great business idea but will it earn you a living? There are practical ways to explore the business viability of your vision. [...more]
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