Workplace Intelligence is a unique area of consulting services offered by Currents Group. In these types of projects, we help you look at what you already know about your organization and your workforce through a different, wider lens. We focus on the intangibles: leadership, values, culture, alignment and readiness. The insights we help you gather in these projects complement your business intelligence and are essential to the implementation of your strategic plan.

• Colleges Integrating Immigrants to Employment – Readiness Assessment
• Centennial College – eLearning Strategy Needs Analysis
• Fanshawe College – Information Technology – Training Needs Analysis
• University of Montreal – Research
• Fanshaw College – Network Services – Business Systems Analysis
• Jean Charles Hair Salon/Colorlab – Feasibility Study
• Royal Canadia Mint – Dye making department – Succession Planning Needs Analysis
• Médcins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders – Management Training Needs Analysis