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Process Consulting

Helping you find the real issues

When something is not working, you know it. But do you know why? Our interview-based approach creates the narrative you need to gain real insights into what is getting in the way of your organization's performance. We go deep. We don't bring a magic wand. We leave you better informed and better equipped to take charge and implement the changes you want. 

In the end you get: 

A customized process and an action plan ready to implement, with built-in change management tactics. Tell me more about  Process Consulting

Strategic Planning
High level thinking meets pragmatism. Currents Group has developed an efficient methodology to get busy Boards of Directors and Senior Teams arrive at the strategic and business plans they need in the little time they have. Meaningful discussions and facilitated introspection result in a focused vision, a clear mission and achievable goals. Tell me more about  Strategic Planning

Training and Instructional Design
Engineering learningThese two aspects of our work go hand in hand. Our expertise in adult learning provides a basis for creating a program that will help you achieve your performance goals. Following a sound performance technology model, we help you determine the learning outcomes you want and design the corresponding curriculum. The learning solution is customized for delivery in the most suitable mode, online, face-to-face, or hybrid. Tell me more about  Training / Instructional Design

Workplace Intelligence
Making the most of what you already know. There is no shortage of reports produced in your organization: Engagement survey results, Diversity and demographics report, Absenteeism, Health & Safety, Request for leaves, Exit interviews, Grievances. But who's looking at the big picture? Imagine the intelligence you would gather if the various sources of data were integrated? Imagine how you could inform your Business Intelligence division? Tell me more about  Workplace Intelligence


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