Community and volunteer activity Both Dominique and Jed are active in the community. Jed is currently the President of the Board of Native Earth Performing Arts and Dominique is a board member of the Elgin Stewardship Council. We did volunteer work with Go, See, Do a group that takes Canadian high school students to the Dominican Republic where they do humanitarian work such as school construction and local medical clinics. This includes everything from fundraising and gathering donated educational material to leading groups of students and guiding them through their process of preparation for the trip. We have accompanied several groups where we acted as surrogate parents, teachers and colleagues sharing in the manual labor. Currents Conservation This division of Currents Group Inc. is dedicated to restoring our 50 acre farm to a completely Carolinian environment. We are building wetlands to encourage and support migratory waterfowl, turtles and insects. We are plangent tall grass prairie. We are creating interpretive hiking trails to allow people to enjoy and understand the natural environment of Southwestern Ontario. As well, we are converting our century barn into an interpretive centre where we can host workshops and where visitors can learn about the Carolinian environment. Writing and Research We are regular contributors to Workforce magazine in the Dear Workforce column where we answer questions submitted from human resource professionals from around the world. Dominique was a contributor to ‘A World Book of Values’ a collection of essays by Cultural Transformation Tool-certified professionals. As our own professional development we read, research, attend conferences and workshops to ensure we continue to keep up to date with our fields of expertise.