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Dominique Giguère, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D. 
Profile. Dominique possesses superior facilitation skills. Her positive attitude, creativity, professionalism, and innate ability to quickly maneuver in the most complex landscapes has enabled her to inspire teams and individuals for 15 years, at all levels of her client organizations. She has facilitated numerous strategic planning, action planning and problem-solving sessions with senior executives, board members and administrators. Her nimble yet rigorous approach yields results and leaves groups ready and able to step into action.

Background.Dominique initially honed her facilitation abilities in an education setting. As a science teacher turned teacher developer and curriculum designer, she dove into the science and art of teaching and learning and has been pursuing academic research in the field of adult learning for the last ten years. With her work focused on the professional development of staff in the workplace, she has made it her personal and professional mission to continually examine the entire landscape surrounding and supporting learning at work. It is through this holistic lens that it became evident how employee learning and development cannot be considered without organization effectiveness, talent management and a solid strategic plan. She has therefore been applying her facilitation and learning expertise in a systems approach with every organization.

In a nutshell. For Dominique most important is the respect for the dignity, the potential and the desires of each human being. She strives to apply this principle through utmost integrity and humility... and, of course, a sense of humor.

Jed DeCory, BAA (Journ), MA
Profile. For more than thirty years Jed successfully led teams in social services, media and academia. For a long time he managed by the seat of his pants he was a self-taught manager. One day he decided that he wanted to learn why one management strategy would work but another would go south. So he went back to school to earn his Masters Degree in Human Systems. He now combines decades of real-time management experience with the theoretical base of the Organization Development community. 

Background. Jed offers a wide range of experience. He has been: a group home houseparent working with troubled youth; a journalist and political correspondent; a television writer, producer and director; a member of a corporate restructuring team; the director of an arts school; and an academic chair at a college.

In a nutshell. Above the front door of Jed's group home he painted three words: Trust Respect Responsibility. These three words have followed Jed throughout his career and continue to be the basis of Jed's approach to groups and organizations. Relationships that include those three components lead to healthy growth and success.

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