Dominique Giguère, BSc, BEd, PhD.

Dominique is an outstanding, bilingual facilitator (French and English). Her positive attitude, creativity, professionalism, and innate ability to quickly maneuver in the most complex landscapes has enabled her to inspire teams and leaders in a broad range of organizations. It is most important for Dominique to respect the dignity, the potential and the desires of each human being. She strives to apply this principle through utmost integrity and humility… and, of course, a sense of humor. In the past 20 years she has facilitated strategic-planning, action-planning and problem-solving sessions with senior executives, board members and administrators, and has delivered numerous organizational development and eLearning projects. Her nimble yet rigorous approach yields results and leaves groups ready and able to step into action. Dominique has a PhD in workplace learning, is a certified Cultural Transformation consultant with the Barrett Values Centre, she is a published writer and researcher, keynote speaker and conference facilitator.

Jed DeCory, BAA (Journ), MA

Jed is an organizational development (OD) consultant who relies on decades of real-time management experience and the best in OD practices to help clients get unstuck and become more effective by providing practical, no-nonsense insights. A meticulous and insightful organizational researcher, Jed is adept at collecting and synthesizing large amounts of data to generate useful information that can be easily understood and acted upon. During all stages of a project, Jed is a compassionate ally for managers, board members or staff wishing to establish productive work practices and environments or to deliver on challenging projects. Jed brings experience from a wide range of roles and sectors: academic management, television writer, producer and director, a journalist and political correspondent, and a group home houseparent working with troubled youth in Toronto.